-  Always maintain good hand hygiene by using of the existing

   products or by washing your hands sufficiently.

-  Mouth masks mandatory

-  Each restaurant must ask the client for the contact details

   (name, e-mail address or telephone number) of one person per

   table at the latest upon arrival of the customers. This data must

   be kept for 14 days to facilitate subsequent contact detection and may

   only be used for the fight against COVID-19. Customers must express

   their agreement. Customers who refuse to leave their details will not be

   able to access the restaurant.


-  Going outside to smoke is not allowed in restaurants or drinking



-  Consumption is obligatory while seated. Consume or order at the bar or

   standing is not allowed.


-  Reserve your restaurant visit as much as possible in advance.


-  Keep 1.5 meters away from personnel and other customers, except the

   people who are part of your party.


-  Limit your movements in the restaurant. Just move from and to the table

   and the toilets. Mouth masks mandatory


-  1 person at the same time in the toilet, wait at the table until the toilet is

   free. Mouth masks mandatory


-  Only pay at the table with bank transfer via account , Visa, Mastercard,

   American Express or cash.

   BE55 2300 4100 4344


-  Please follow the instructions of the staff.


-  Thank you for your patience and for following these rules.